Topped up my mobile credit with Bitcoin

Mobile Vikings is a mobile provider on the Belgian market and it made news today by accepting Bitcoin as a way of topping up your pre-paid card. I happen to be on Mobile Vikings (their price for mobile data is advantageous) and I happened to run out of credit this morning. Also, I’m an owner of and believer in Bitcoin so after the Bitcoin pizza of two weeks ago, I decided to try it out.

On the Mobile Vikings website, you first have to choose Bitcoin as a payment method.

Bitcoin on Mobile Vikings

You can select Bitcoin as a payment method, next to traditional methods like PayPal or credit card.

The payment is handled through BitPay. You get the address of the wallet to which you have to send the “money” and the amount in Bitcoin. Because of the high volatility of Bitcoin, BitPay uses an average exchange rate calculated from several exchanges (see here for more information).

The payment is handled with BitPay.

The payment is handled with BitPay.

After you created the transaction, you can track its confirmation status on

The transaction on

You can follow the transaction confirmation of the transaction on

A few minutes after the transaction was created, the payment page refreshes indicating that the payment was correctly received. Smooth transaction!

Invoice paid!

My credit has been topped up.

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