Ordering pizza with Bitcoin

I’m sure everyone has heard about Bitcoins. It’s been in the mainstream news back in May, when its value reached records heights (at that time). Now it’s all over the news again after it has reached $1000 and the bubble doesn’t seem to burst. Everyone has an opinion about it but I truly believe that it has a future in the world economy. As a first step towards proving that, I ordered my first Bitcoin pizza yesterday.

The website pizza.be offers the possibility to pay with Bitcoin. When you pay, you have to transfer the amount to a given address, either by scanning a QR-code or by using your Bitcoin client. They generate a new address for each order so you don’t even need to give a payment reference. You can track the confirmation of your payment via blockchain.info. After a few minutes, the payment was confirmed and a little while later the pizza’s arrived! It’s great in the sense that no intermediary payment system, like PayPal, Visa or a bank, was necessary to process the payment. It’s directly between you and pizza.be. Promising!

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