Debrief of Brussels Ember.js Meetup #3

I’m back in Belgium for a couple of days and I used the opportunity to set up another Brussels Ember.js meetup. Since I moved to Boston with Hstry three months ago, I haven’t had the occasion to organize one and the last one was in December. Since the plan for Hstry is to stay in Boston for a longer period, I expressed the need to find someone who is willing to take care of the organization of the meetup. I think that it would be a great thing because I could feel the level of engagement of the members during the meetup has risen since we did the first one back in October last year. Also, the participants have been getting more and more familiar with the framework so the level of the talks and discussions has gone up too.

Logo of the Brussels Ember.js meetup

Ember.js Belgium

Below are the slides that I presented at the meetup. I did one talk about integration testing in Ember.js based on my experiences from working on the Hstry application (the code for the demo can be found on GitHub). Then I did a lightning talk called “How to call A from B in Ember.js”. It was basically a copy of a talk I had seen during a Boston Ember.js meetup by Ben Donaldson.

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