My name is Yoran Brondsema and I’m a 24-year-old passionate user and creator of anything Web. In every day life I’m a web developer who recently moved from Brussels, which we like to call the capital of Europe, to the great city of Boston.

After having graduated with a master’s degree in computer science in 2011, I worked on a research project at the University of Leuven. My work was all about safe execution of Javascript and it resulted in a published paper. However, the most important was that I fell in love again with web technologies.

A few weeks later, on the 7th of April 2012, I left for a one-year trip to Asia and Australia. While traveling, I worked for a couple of months as a front-end web developer for a great company in Australia. Once back in Brussels, it was an obvious choice for me to go on with web development but as a freelancer and a couple of weeks later I became CTO at the very promising ed-tech startup Hstry.

You can send me a mail, follow what I have to say on Twitter or look at my LinkedIn profile.